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When is the best time for a child to start brushing?

Your child keeps their baby teeth from the age of 7 to 12, when their adult teeth start to come in. Read why it is important to keep baby teeth as healthy as possible.

min read
Mar 2022
min read
Mar 2022

Why this guide?

What you will learn

  • What age is recommended to start brushing?
  • How can the condition of milk teeth affect the condition of adult teeth?
  • How should you take care of your child’s oral health at different ages?

Milk teeth

Why their health is so important

Your child will have milk teeth for a good 7–12 years, after which these will be replaced by adult teeth. During this time, it is important to look after the milk teeth and make sure they are replaced naturally with the corresponding permanent tooth. If your child loses a milk tooth to caries or injury, there is a good chance that their adult teeth will be displaced. Caries can also spread to the upcoming adult tooth. This will require orthodontic treatment in the future.

As a baby

You should start gently cleaning your baby’s teeth the moment they start to appear. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe the teeth and gums, or a Curaprox Baby brush specifically designed for this task.

From the age of 2.5 – 3

This is the age your child should have their first attempts at brushing independently. This is when you as a parent need to show them the proper technique and make sure your child develops the right brushing habits. The important thing during this time is to be supportive. Don’t forget the “second clean” – to clean your kid’s teeth yourself, after they have first tried to clean them. They will learn over time to brush more efficiently themselves, but at this stage it is important to keep their teeth clean with your help.

From the age of 7 – 9

At this age your child may already be conscious enough to follow their own routines and brush independently. But more often, they will still need your help. Supervised teeth cleaning is desirable and important until puberty. You can do it through regular monitoring and continued encouragement. It is also important that you lead by example. The routine your child needs to see is that the entire family brushes their teeth twice a day, every day, no exception.

From the age of 9 – 12

At this age your child already knows how to brush properly but is often distracted and unmotivated to do so. It is advised to check the quality of the brushing as often as possible. Also, it is very helpful to talk to children regularly and explain to them what exactly could happen if they neglect their oral care routine. At this age, kids are capable of a deeper understanding of the importance of good oral care and it is possible to discuss this topic with them and motivate them to care for their health every day.

small mouths and hands

the right brush

When choosing the proper brush for your child, bear in mind that it should be easy to use and functional at the same time. Special kids' brushes are designed for the specific anatomical needs of smaller mouths and hands. They are safer to use due to the smaller brush heads, and are gentle to gums and enamel thanks to soft and dense filaments. A smaller brush is also more comfortable to hold and navigate in the mouth.

Get the right one

A toothpaste to fall in love with

A proper kids' toothpaste should be gentle yet effective. And on the top of that – a bit fun. There are different levels of fluoride to meet the needs of different age groups, various tasty flavours, and carefully chosen ingredients for healthy development of the milk and first adult teeth. 

The recommended amount of fluoride in toothpaste for children:

first teeth up to 2 years
500 ppm

2 to 6 years
1,000(+) ppm

6+ years
1,450 ppm

Only the good stuff

What’s inside? 

All Curaprox toothpastes are made with only the good stuff: no SLS, triclosan or microplastics. The Curaprox kids toothpaste is full of beneficial ingredients that provide your children’s teeth with great properties for cleaning, strengthening the enamel, and supporting the natural protecting function of saliva:


... help your child’s saliva protect the enamel.


... has a mild antibacterial effect and brings a hint of natural sweetness into the toothpaste.

Natural flavourings

... fruity strawberry, juicy watermelon or mild mint – let your kid decide.

Fluoride is a key element in remineralising the enamel and strengthening the teeth. The only situation you would need zero fluoride is if your doctor specifically recommends such a toothpaste based on your child’s individual condition.


It is important, practically from birth, to preserve milk teeth and make sure they are replaced naturally with the corresponding permanent teeth by the age of 7-13. Kids need your help with brushing and supervised tooth cleaning is desirable and important until puberty. It is also very helpful to talk to children regularly and explain to them what exactly could happen if they neglect their oral care routine and to make sure they use proper tools and techniques.