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Baby toothbrush duopack blue


Baby toothbrush duopack blue

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Giving them the best start in life

Makes cleaning teeth fun, joyful, gentle, healthy and efficient. Unusually fine filaments. Densely packed. Plaque doesn’t stand a chance.

The compact brush head reaches all areas of the mouth, ensuring that no tooth remains uncleaned. There's also no danger of injury, thanks to the soft rubberised brush head. CUREN ® bristles are incredibly fine and therefore make teeth cleaning a fun and pleasurable experience – wonderfully gentle yet also extremely efficient.

The rounded handle helps ensure children hold the toothbrush correctly from the beginning, and it also prevents excessive pressure. Adults also enjoy using the toothbrush on their children.

For this reason, Professor Adrian Lussi developed the Curaprox Baby biofunctional toothbrush for children. The toothbrush's extra-fi ne CUREN ® bristles care for the teeth and ensure the effective removal of plaque. The rubberised brush head, which is very small, protects the oral mucosa. These attributes not only ensure maximum teeth-cleaning effi ciency; they also make it fun for children to brush. Detailed brushing instructions can be found at

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