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Baby Oral Care set

First oral care

Everything a baby needs for both a relaxed and healthy start in oral life.

Baby Oral Care set
Baby oral care set - turquoise

First oral care

Everything a baby needs for both a relaxed and healthy start in oral life.

Baby oral care set

Yay, finally is there a set with everything a baby needs for both a relaxed and healthy start in oral life. This cute pouch contains a fascinating teething ring, a bio-functional soother and soother holder, as well as an ultra-soft baby toothbrush for effective and gentle cleaning. This perfect gift is available in three different colours: pink, light blue, and turqouise.

Parents, baby and teeth-to-come can look forward to the following products:

Teething ring 

Teething hurts big time. That's why we developed this biofunctional teething ring aka little adventure playground: it distracts, encourages play, promotes sensory motor skills and – the baby doesn't know about this yet – prepares playfully for brushing teeth thanks to the learning toothbrush.

Soother size zero

The Curaprox soother size zero satisfies the important sucking needs of babies, promotes and favours the natural growth of the jaw, palate and teeth as well as optimal nasal breathing. It also supports breastfeeding and does not lead to suction confusion. Oh, and it's really cute, as well.

Soother holder

Just click it – and the soother stays clean and where it belongs. It has a simple and safe holding mechanism, there’s no risk of injury. This holder fits all Curaprox soothers as well as the teething ring.


It is the cuddly toy among all toothbrushes: 4,260 incredibly fine bristles – well, we prefer to name them filaments – populate the compact, rubberised brush head, remove plaque thoroughly, and are gentle on the delicate mucous membranes of the mouth. The round handle helps to hold the brush correctly and avoid pressure. Comes with a practical stand.

This amazing baby gift set contains:

  • Biofunctional teething ring with rattle, learning and massage brush, and different fascinating surfaces. Complies with the European standard EN 71.
  • The soother comforts both baby and parents. Its flat tip promotes and supports the natural development of the jaw, palate, and teeth. 
  • The holder fits both soother and teething ring, so they don't get lost or dirty. Complies with European standard EN 12586.
  • Baby toothbrush features a rubberised brush head and 4,260 fine Curen® filaments, each only 0.09 mm in diameter. Cleans effectively, incredibly gently and protects the oral mucosa. Its round handle makes correct and low-pressure tooth brushing easy.
  • Practical pouch with cute design. Everything you need fits in there.
  • Biofunctional: All our products are adapted to the child's anatomy and promote the favourable growth of jaw, palate, and teeth.
  • Our products are completely safe and guaranteed free of harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes.
Swiss premium oral care Swiss premium oral care

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