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CPS interdental brushes

The interdental secret

So what’s the secret to exceptional cleanliness in those difficult-to-reach narrow spaces between the teeth? Super-fine, extra-long, ultra-resilient filaments. Gentle and effective cleaning with a single-brush action. Once a day.

A selection of sizes – the right brush for every space

All-round oral hygiene starts between the teeth

Good for the environment: Our interdental brush refill system helps to reduce plastic waste

Beautiful, functional Swiss design: Once in and out. Done


The perfect interdental brushes for you – guaranteed

The CPS range has the right interdental brushes for everyone. For natural teeth, for implants, for the narrowest spaces, for the larger spaces, for implants, for crowns, for bridges, for after surgery… for everyone.

Great results… even with braces

Let’s be honest. Nasty stuff can build up between your braces and your teeth. Now you can eliminate it with interdental brushes – easily clean those hard-to-reach spots. Another simple way to improve your oral health.

The Curaprox Click-System: Kinder on the planet

You can buy all our interdental brushes in environmentally friendly refill packs… that work with all our interdental brush holders. Click the old brush away. Click the new brush on. Away you go. Super convenient. Less waste.

The personal choice: Interdental brush holders

Which do you prefer? Plastic or aluminium? Straight or bent? Short handle or long handle? Click or rotate? All our interdental brushes fit all our holders. Oral health done your way.


Dr. med. dent. Rolf Kufus recommends:

I love Curaprox interdental brushes. I recommend CPS prime for narrow interdental spaces and the CPS perio for larger interdental spaces.

Once in and out. Done.

So easy. And yet so effective in combating dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and halitosis. Just clean your interdental spaces once a day. And don’t worry about learning all those fancy words.

Position the CPS interdental brush at a slight angle in front of the interdental gap – the space between the teeth.

Push it in: Just a little at first, then straighten it and push it right through.

Pull it out: Very gently. Done. Move on to the next one.

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