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BDC Biological Denture Care

Caring for dentures and retainers

With BDC, it's time to let Mother Nature care for your dentures or retainers – and your oral health – with citric acid, sea salt and eucalyptus oil.

Cleanses with citric acid and sea salt

Keeps them looking – and feeling – as good as new for years

Protects with eucalyptus oil


Natural, long-lasting care

Citric acid and sea salt combine to effortlessly dissolve food residue and plaque. Unlike other, harsher cleaners, BDC does not damage the plastic. So you can keep your dentures or retainers looking – and feeling – as good as new for years.

Sealed with a kiss

Eucalyptus oil gives BDC a fresh, tasty zest – as well as healing, anti-inflammatory properties. If all that was not enough, it also seals and protects the plastic – including any existing microcracks – with a lush microfilm.

The simple pleasures…

Give your dentures or retainers the care – and sparkle – they deserve with Curaprox toothbrushes. Removing food residue and plaque becomes a simple pleasure – and we guarantee the plastic won't get scratched. Use the BDC brush for dentures or retainers and the CS 5460 for clasps.

Mother Nature knows best.

At Curaprox, we start by asking "how can nature help"? That's why BDC is so good for your oral health. And that's why BDC keeps your dentures or orthodontic retainers as good as new for years.

BDC: What's the difference?

The difference is natural ingredients. It's the cleaning power of citric acid and sea salt. And the zesty protection of eucalyptus oil. No microcracks... so no hiding place for pathogens.

Citric acid

It's one of nature's finest remedies - and the key cleansing ingredient in BDC 100 daily and BDC 105 weekly. It makes light work of breaking down food residue, stains and bacteria deposits on dentures and retainers - and even prevents microcracks from forming. 

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil brings maximum freshness to your dentures or retainers. It's anti-inflammatory. And it seals and protects the plastic by forming a microfilm.

Sea salt

No exceptional, gourmet meal would be complete without sea salt. We believe the same is true of exceptional denture and aligner cleaning products. The sea salt stabilises and compounds the cleansing effect of the citric acid.

Do I really need to brush my dentures or aligners?

We know you want your dentures or aligners to be super comfortable. So we know you'll be happy to quickly and easily brush away the remains of any deposits dissolved and disinfected by BDC 100 daily and BDC 105 weekly.

Gently does it

Chemicals can attack bacteria. But they also attack plastic, creating microcracks – a breeding ground for pathogens. Unlike the others, BDC uses natural citric acid, sea salt and eucalyptus oil - to remove food residue and bacteria. And to care for dentures and orthodontic retainers.

CS 5460

Cleaning and stimulating the gums

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A proper oral care for my implants or dentures

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CS 708

To reach hard-to-access areas